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For this handmade, site-specific installation at Kingston College for her BA interim show, Vicky worked with a home photocopier to produce a series of images that engage with her concerns about identity, memory, ageing and mother/daughter relationships. She has embraced the quotidian functionality of the medium with its image-making restrictions, creating links between the technology and her age and gender, and referencing ideas about “women’s work”, invisibility and reproduction. 


The proximity of the subject to the copier lens creates the contrast of close-up reproduction of fine detail like jewellery and hair with the grainy, blurred texture of the face and hands, exploring associations between human ephemerality and the permanence of objects where memories are embedded.


A grid arrangement of 25 smaller “self-portraits” and one large scale image composed of 90 sheets of A3 paper juxtapose the intimate and the monumental, where distance is demanded of the viewer to experience the fragmented, degraded image resolved into wholeness and lucidity.

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