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Scanography. Giclée prints on Hahnemühle 308gsm photorag (841x1189mm)


In this new series Vicky Cardin has used an A4 flat-bed scanner to produce self-portraits that investigate connections between time, ageing and her identity.  


The scan becomes a metaphor for unease with getting older, embodying changes of perspective, the distorted body image, and anxieties about physical health. 


It further represents the idea of women as objects, eternally “scanned” and scrutinized.  The high-resolution scans reveal imperfections we are told to conceal, with the images dealing with notions of fading, and disappearing into absence. 


The distortions also suggest ideas about time, how it elongates or contracts with our memories and how ageing can alter our sense of self.  Uncomfortably honest yet disturbingly off-kilter, the images comment on women’s self-image and representation in our over-saturated visual culture.

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